Solar energy and some of its best uses

May 27, 2015

Solar energy can be easily harnessed for practical purposes such as heating homes, lighting bulbs and running automobiles and even airplanes. The uses for solar energy can be as varied as the machines that operate on it. The great thing about solar is that it’s a renewable source of energy and it does not contaminate the Earth. Choosing to invest in solar power is a great idea, but your best decision will depend on your particular needs and the way you plan to use the energy.

Solar Energy to power your home

Using solar energy in your house is a viable option to power most of the electric appliances in your house, including lights, fridge and air conditioning. Often you can even sell your excess energy back to the power company and earn a profit. Even if you cannot rely entirely on solar power to power all of your household needs it will have reduce your demand for energy from other sources.

Solar Power in your yard for lighting

Your yard is a wide open space that receives a lot of solar power during the day. Take advantage of this by capturing that energy and illuminate your pathways or patio areas for a modest investment.

Swimming Pools heated with solar energy

You’re able to warm your pool in any month where you have ample sunshine using a solar quilt over. Now you don’t have to wait for summer and you can have more fun swimming in winter in a pool heated with solar power without having to use any other form of electricity. You can also use additional method to supplement the solar energy such as systems based cycling hot water through heaters and then routing it back to the swimming pool.

Water Heaters

If you’re thinking of changing your water heater or you’re planning to build a home and haven’t installed one yet this could be a great option for you. Solar energy is not just about swimming pools, you can use solar energy to heat your daily use of hot water. Think about how much money you will save replacing your current hot water heater with a solar one.

Fresh air thanks to Solar Power

Keeping your air clean and clear without worrying about the electricity bill is possible thanks to the energy created by solar power and fans running throughout the day. Some fans in your home like the bath or the attic ventilation can be powered by solar power. This will keep your air flowing as much as possible, reduce excess humidity, and reduce your electricity bill as well.