Jobs for writers

May 27nd, 2015

If you decide to start writing as a freelancer, you should think of spreading your efforts out over several different writing venues in order to keep a constant flow of work. You will also find a type of wiring that best fits your personal style and interests. By following this strategy you will enjoy less competition once you find your spot in the field and be better able to market yourself.

Write Proposals

By doing some research you´ll find some companies or agencies that need help writing business proposals or grants. You can win a lot of these assignments after you prove you are reliable and can do a good job for them. Take one step forward responding some announcements while you spread out your possibilities.

Jobs lists

There are sites maintained by writers and bloggers that provide project descriptions for writers to find assignments on. At these sites you can see a compilation of general writing jobs and specialized opportunities for particular industries. These lists are usually kept up to date so you should be able to find many active and current opportunities to showcase your writing skills and sometimes they can lead to full-time positions.

Newspaper and magazine Stories

Writing about topics and interest that you enjoy is often easier than writing on topics selected by clients. Consider accepting assignment from lesser known publications at first so you can build up your relevant experience and then show that experience to the more popular publications. If you follow this strategy and perform well you will find more choices in your writing assignments and your work list will expand.

Job sites

Here you can find some options as part-times or full-time positions available. If you´re more focus on a freelance work you should go directly to the part-time section. Contract positions can also be also found on the job site but you should be aware that these positions will demand more time and responsibility as well.

Government assignments

State and federal governments are often required to write long and comprehensive reports in connection with the various programs they manage and perform. Thus, there is great need for writers to create these important. Technical writers can find lots of opportunities in this area.

Ask for your dream job

A frequently overlooked strategy is to go directly to your dream publication and ask for a position there. They may offer you an entry level position from which you can work your way up you’re your dream job. Often this strategy will yield good results.

Social Network

Don’t forget to ask for assistance from you network of friends, family and professional contacts. If you know someone who is connected to the publication on interest, then reach to them and ask for an introduction. Job listings on LinkedIn is a really great source for leads as well.