Cooking Healthier and Tastier

May 2nd, 2015

by Antonio Ramos

Healthy food is very important to keep your body in balance, but it can be a challenge to cook meals in a safe and healthy way. Sometimes, the healthy elements can change the flavor of your food, but if done properly you can still have that great taste and have a good time preparing it. You don’t have to stay stick to a reduced list of recipes to prepare a healthy meal. The key is to just look for a few ingredients and include smart and healthy ideas to get the taste just right.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is healthy in its own right, but it is also a great option if you want to add creaminess and texture to a dip or meal. You can use it with nachos, enchiladas or just use it as the base of a sauce. It´s better that using other options that will add less calories to your meals.

Remove the skin

Some people enjoy the skin of chicken and find it be delicious while others do not, but the facts are that it’s full of fats and oils. This makes the chicken skin a source of unhealthy calories and should be removed to get the best of the chicken without the unnecessary calories. A nice trick is to prepare the dish with the chicken skin on and then take the skin off prior to serving.

Veggies and their multiple uses

Vegetables can be used to create salsas, sauces and other light soups or meals rather than using cream or other options that add more fat or calories to your meals. If you use vegetables in your meals, you’ll have a smart and healthy dish. Also consider whether you can substitute veggies for a fatty ingredient or side, and this will serve your health well.

Broth is a better option than oils for sautéing

When you are sautéing vegetables on the stovetop, simply replace the oil you normally would use with water or vegetable broth. The broth will give a rich flavor to your food as well as provide the moisture you need to keep your food fresh and flavorful. If you find the need for a little something extra, try using a tiny amount of olive-oil as dressing over your sauté.

Cottage Cheese

One cup of creamed cottage cheese has 206 calories and 9 grams of fat. So this is the perfect ingredient to add texture and flavor to your meal without all of the extra fat and calories. You will benefit from the extra protein as well, especially if you use a protein-enriched pasta as well.

Citrus as flavor improver

The wonderful flavor and smell of citrus makes it a great replacement for butter on steamed vegetables. On salads, citrus can be used instead of adding dressings that will add more calories to your recipe. If you are wondering how to use citrus with other meals, remember the zest from an orange or a lemon is an excellent way to improve chicken or fish flavor without losing its health benefits.

Some pieces of cheese

If you need to add flavor to your recipe you can add some cheese to put a different touch on your dish. Cheeses like cheddar or feta have a strong flavor so try small amounts first, but if you are using other kinds like Monterrey jack or mozzarella, you´ll need to increase the portion size to get the same flavor. So, choose your cheeses well.