Perfect shoes? How to find them

May 25, 2015

The right shoes are very important to your feet and health so paying attention to the simple advice in this article will go a long way to helping you buy that perfect pair of shoes.

Right size is critical

Nothing is more bothersome than a pair of poor fitting shoes. Today’s shoes are more flexible than they were in your parent’s day, but some aspects of shoe fits are still important to focus on. The bottom line is that you should not have to break in your shoes. The fit should be just right from the beginning. A common mistake is to assume that a size is consistent between different shoe manufacturers. This means you need to try on every pair of shoes before you buy them and don´t assume you wear the same number size if the shoe brand is different. Even in the same brand there can be different.

Better during the middle of the day

You probably have not been to the mall during the week recently. You are just like other busy people who are at school or work during the week, and especially just as the mall is opening. If you did visit the mall you would see they are quite empty with sales people ready and willing to help anyone who ventures into their store. This is the best time to shop for shoes if you like to be unrushed and well cared for. The salesman will put his whole attention on your needs and you won’t be competing for attention with other costumers.

Don´t settle, don’t ever settle

Finding the perfect shoe is something that will take some time so don´t settle until you find the best fit for your feet. If you have to try different stores, go ahead. If you have to try a new brand its ok. Sneakers should always fit from the very first time you try them on. If they fit well the first time take them, if not go to the next door. The best advice ever on shoe fit is very, very simple – If you’re not sure if the shoe is a good fit or not, then the shoe does not fit. Put it back on the shelf and look for another.

Saving money on shoes

The clearance section might be an area for you to look at in order to find something that you might like. No one can really tell which season´s your shoes are, even if they might be last year’s model. If you venture online for your shoes, remember reputable online stores will give you a full refund. A good approach to consider it going to the store first and trying shoes on for size, and once you know the size and brand that is right for you, then go online and purchase.