The best way to buy a new car

May 22, 2015

Everyone loves a new car. The smell is incredible. The new look of the interior is awesome. But, the price tag and fear of making payments for years can quickly bring one back to earth. Fortunately for the smart shoppers there is a right time to buy a new car that will more than make up for the time necessary to read this article.

As one year ends, another one is begins. This means last year’s merchandise needs to clear out and make room for the new merchandise coming. In the world of new cars, this means once the 2015 models arrive, you know that 2014 model will lose value.

The new model year for cars is quite different than the normal calendar period that we are all familiar with. In the world of new cars, model year 2015 actually starts in around the middle of 2014. Crazy, isn’t it? But, that doesn’t mean you cannot save big dollars by learning this little car buying timing trick.

The best approach is to be patient when you first notice new car models showing up on the new car dealer lot. Let those new cars start crowding out those prior year models on the lot. Space will start to be a premium and you should be on the lookout for car crowding on the lot. This is a condition when the dealer has to start parking cars in outer lots and off property. Usually this will occur around November.

When you notice new car lot crowding, go into the dealer and try to find the most aggressive salesman that you can. This should not be hard because this is the guy (seems like it’s always a guy) that always seems to find you first or is trying to steal your attention away from some other sales guy.

Let the aggressive sales guy take you for a few test rides, but do not give him too much information about how much you are willing to pay, or what color you really want, or that you must have a leather interior, etc. A little tip for dealing with aggressive salespeople like this is to answer a question with a question, thus avoiding giving them any information.

Here is the little known secret that will save you a lot of money. The aggressive sales guy gets paid based on commissions for the sales that he makes in a month. The real secret trick comes when you offer the sales guys the possibility of your purchase being the last sale of the month. The last couple of days of the month, the sales guy is going to do anything that it takes to close the deal. So, you call him near the end of the day prior to his month end and you offer him a price that is very favorable to you. Then, let him aggressively negotiate for you with his sales manager. Watch what results!!