First part of the year is the best time of year to buy these items

May 29, 2015

Retailers offer excellent deals on certain items at the same time each year. In for you to take advantage of these deals you need to prepare and be ready. Here are items that can be purchased at big discounts near the beginning of the year.

Cell phones The best time of the year to buy cell phones is February. It’s better than any other month of the year. This period follows the busy holiday season and cell phone companies need to make up for the weather keeping consumers in doors.

Coats The coldest time of the year is also the best time of the year to buy a coat. By the time the thermometer hits lows, most everyone who needs a coat has already purchased one. This time of the year is the last decent time retail stores have to sell coats. So, keep that in mind when you’re shopping for a new coat.

Boats These are items that are generally higher priced, so retailers do not want to be stuck with last year’s model just when the new models are coming into the show room. This is also the off season for boats and the time of year when boat shows come around. So, go catch those good offers.

Computer monitors This is the clearance time of year for computer monitors and related equipment. Good deals can be found in the clearance area of your local store and online.

Grills Across most of the country, winter time does allow most people to grill. So naturally this is the off season for grill manufacturers and there are deals galore as retailers. Get the grill when its cold outside and you will be thankful in a few weeks when the weather warms up.

Theater tickets When it’s cold and snowy out many people do not want to venture outdoors any more than they have to. So that is why winter and fall are the best part of the year to find Broadway tickets. Just remember when it’s cold outside, go grab a show.

Furniture The newest models are rolled out to the furniture retail stores at the beginning of the year so get ready for January and you will find great furniture on clearance around this time. Everybody is trying to make their best deal so be ready.

Video Games – Again, once the holiday season is over, you’ll find some great deals on video games and other electronics that retail stores have priced at high levels to take advantage of the holiday season.

Flooring Most flooring projects are targeted to be in place before the holiday season, so the period just after then the retailers need to clear out last year inventory. This can benefit you greatly if you are ready.