How to find a great TV and other electronics for a better price

May 18, 2015

You might guess that the best TV bargains are had on Cyber Monday, or Black Friday, or even just after Christmas. Those are logical guesses and to some extent there are bargains available at those times, but not the very best prices.

A close runner-up to the best time of year to buy TV’s is just prior to the Super Bowl (early February). You’re getting warm you and are partially correct. Electronic devices and televisions are lower priced at this time than they were at Christmas but this is only the second best time to buy.

Lower at the time

As a general rule, most shoppers will see electronic items such as TV’s decrease in prices in the January period as compared to the pre-holiday season. But, even better bargains a wait the patient and sharp eyed shoppers.

December is the month for shoppers who want to fill those holiday wish lists. January is the month when the Super Bowl is coming up and those demanding viewers want the best for that special day. And finally comes the end of winter and guest what? April is one of the best months to buy a TV. If you want to save even more money, consider buying last year’s model. If your patient, you will be in a position of power to choose between the perfect balance between great features and cost on a new TV.

Electronics and where they come from.

Most high quality electronics are made in Japan and the secret is a little known finance fact. Japanese companies close their accounting years in March. So the company accountants want to sell as much of the inventory as possible even at low prices as they prepare to take delivery on new inventory of the next year. In order to get the best deals you must think like the big companies who are trying to sell off last year’s merchandise.

So if you want that great TV at the very best price, you need to be targeting the end of March and early April. You should start looking at least a month in advance and have a good idea of what you are looking for. Naturally, you can also save with models from the prior year as well.