Hotel Secrets

May 27, 2015

Hotels are ever changing and one needs to keep up on how to best get the full benefit of your stay.

1. Concierges pick up freebies and favors and sometimes cash for making recommendations. Consider that when you seek their advice. Other hotel employees are often more impartial

2. Shop online for prices, but then book directly with the hotel by calling their main telephone number because this will allow you a 24 hour out clause. Buying online locks you in.

3. Favors and secret benefits must be sought discretely, not in front of the crowds near the front desk.

4. Check-in is often later in the afternoon, but many times you can show up early and get access to your room early. If the hotel cannot accommodate you, they will store your luggage while you enjoy your day.

5. Be polite with the staff. No one likes doing favors for someone who is rude.

6. The soap, creams and shampoo are free for your taking, but the towels and sheets are tracked more carefully and you can end up being billed for them if you “lose” them.

7. If you want a really special discount you will have to find an individually-owned property because they tend to have flexible policies compared to their corporate-owned competitors.

8. Hotels are very tolerant of maintaining your privacy and not disturbing you if you throw parties with adventuresome friends, but do not disturb other guests – this will get the attention you probably do not want.

9. Tipping will really improve the staff’s attitude towards you and they will make you feel like you are their new best friend.

10. If you travel a lot, become a regular a chain that provides lots of loyalty reward benefits. You’ll get free updates, reductions and many more perks for being there often enough to know the staff.

Try to avoid the telephones in the room – the charges are exorbitant.