Why We Love Cruises

May 18, 2015

Cruises are unique vacations that are special and memory making, but many of today’s vacationers have not yet been on a cruise. Here are the reasons why we love cruises so much:

Home on the Water

Everything you need to feel comfortable and relaxed are there for you on a cruise. Telephones, Wireless Internet, Satellite TV, and almost anything that you can imagine in modern conveniences are available on today’s cruise ships. It’s really like having your own small town nearby with discos, shopping, recreation, and restaurants while still having easy access to your friends and family or even work.

Perfect for Family

Cruises are perfect for families because there are lots of activities and attractions for family members of every age. From grandparents to the youngest children there is something that will capture their interest and put them in a great mood. From shore trips to board games, a perfect pace for any age can be found. Of course, kid specific activities and clubs are always available. Best of all, entire families can find exactly what they want and still maintain a budget.

Value Every Way You Add it up

Cruises bundle a lot extra and standard offerings that there is so much one gets for a single price. Sometimes that price seem somewhat high at first, but when you add up all the benefits and extras one quickly sees the benefits of the cruise. The value is real and based on fairing pricing for food, entertainment, accommodations, and many other included items.

Stop the Pack & Unpack & Re-Pack Drama

Who really likes to pack their luggage, then unpack at their destination, and re-pack their luggage when they move on to a new destination? The pack & unpack & re-pack drama discourages many from taking that multiple destination vacation they have always dreamed of. A cruises solves that problem because all of your luggage stays in the same place, but your accommodations move. You save so much time that can be better spent enjoying your vacation.

What’s Your Cruise Style

Cruise experiences can vary so much from river cruises to glacier cruises to island hops to ocean crossings. Then, there are elaborate black-tie dinner cruises to fun friendly single cruises. What is your cruise style?

Activities Galore

On a recent cruise a family found that they were having such a great time in the various activities that the father had to schedule family time. The cruise ship activities range from clubs for kids to casino gambling to dance lessons. There is so many activities you might have to schedule your down time!

Planning is so simple

Vacations at sea are probably the easiest type of vacations to plan because the cruise vacations are so complete and well-planned with something to offer everyone. Probably the hardest thing is to pick the time of year that meets with your schedule. Online research and travel agents can help. But, if you leave the country do not forget your passport.