Cruise Etiquette – What Not To Do

May 27, 2015

Cruises offer a great opportunity to relax and make the most out of your vacation. But, you don’t want to be “that guy” (or gal) on the cruise ship. What does that guy do on-board? Here is short list that is common sense for most of us.

1. Don’t complain about everything. That guy is expecting perfection and the ship to be his own private island. It’s not.. You got thousands of other individuals trying to share a good experience and there will be times that are perfect, so don’t complain and go with the flow sometimes.

2. Don’t dress outlandishly. There are grandmothers and children on cruise ships. Don’t be that gal who dresses to scantly. Choose clothing that is age-appropriate, ship-appropriate and respectful of others.

3. Being too loud. You’re on a ship with thousands of other people who do not want to hear every last detail of last night’s disco outing. Don’t be that guy who thinks he’s at a fraternity party.

4. English is not the only language. There are many languages spoken on cruise ships. Don’t be that gal who finds foreign languages annoying and worst yet, tells everyone how strange she thinks they all sounds. This is a global village we all live in, try embracing other cultures or at the very least be courteous.

5. Don’t show off constantly. Don’t be that guy who flashes a big roll of $1 bills with a $100 on the outside. Don’t show off that fake Rolex and make scene every night at the Casino when you win $20.

6. Tipping is expected. Cruises are great value, but bear in mind that most of the server’s livelihood is made from the tips that people leave. Don’t be that gal who never tips and does her best to ignore the fact that most other guests are tipping.

7. Respect the entertainment. Many guests the nightly shows at the theater. The shows are for your enjoyment and appreciation. Don’t be that guy who doesn’t really want to be there and is a terrible audience member. Just skip the show and let others enjoy the performance.